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Website usage terms and conditions

These are the terms and conditions that explain all obligations, responsibilities, and rights of all people taking part in this agreement. Whenever we say ‘your’ or ‘you’ we are referring to the customer, and the words ‘us’, ‘our’, and ‘us’ refers to us the business. The following terms and conditions can be changed and altered by a written agreement taking place prior to the service being started.

1- Jobs will be no shorter than 2 hours. After the first 2 hours, you will be paying for every half hour depending of the rate that was agreed upon. The rate will depend on the number of men working for you.

2- The time in which you will be charged begins when we arrive at your address and will finish once we’ve delivered all of your items.

3- Jobs requiring us to travel inside the Congestion Charge Zone, £10 will be added to your ending bill. However, this charge will only be added if the job lasts longer than 4 hours.

4- You will have to pay £0.40 every mile if we have to travel outside of the M25 Motorway.

5- Parking will be arranged by you whenever you want us to collect or deliver something. Any parking charges will also have to be paid by the customer once the job has been completed.

6-You may also be charged for events that happen that are out of out control and that result in delays.

7- You will be charged extra if we end up working past traditional business hours.

8- If you need trash to be trashed at the Council Tip, then you will be charged £50 at least.

9- We are only responsible for items lost or damaged in transportation if they are damaged or lost due to an accident, overturning of the vehicle, or if the items are lost or damaged by theft or fire.

10- We are not responsible for any items lost or damaged in ways not mentioned in clause 2.1.

11- We will not dismantle any large furniture, or put it back together once the destination has been reached unless it was formerly agreed upon.

12- It is up to you to make removal of large items easy. We will not remove doors or windows to make moving these larger items easier.

13- We are permitted to arrive a little bit late to pre-arranged times.

14- If a cancellation is made 24 hours or closer to the time a job would start, you will be charged as if a 2 hour service was provided at a minimum.